On this page we have two products available. The first one is a course called “Body, Soul and Spirit”. This course is all about how we as human beings function. This is about the make-up of man and how the different parts in man functions. It is extremely important to understand yourself and how the physical, world, the soul and the spiritual world interacts inside of you. To experience success and satisfaction in your life it is necessary to understand inner working of the spirit, soul and body. Everything God does, He does in and through man and this course will explain to you how God and man work together in relationship. Victory and relationship will become very easy for you when you understand the inner working in you.

The second course is called Personalitywise. The whole course is all about the four personality types and to find the combination which you are. Your personality profile will also determine the way you will approach relationships and deal with conflict. Your skill to establish and manage relationships will determine 85% of your success in life. It is therefore extremely important that you make an effort to study the workings of relationship. We invite you to the most powerful tool beside the Word that we discovered that helps people to understand themselves and others in die process of relationship. Everyone that has already attended the course was overwhelmingly excited and got great results. If you are married or plan to get married in future, the course is absolutely vital to understand your marriage partner. The culmination of the course is about managing conflict. Most people are not very successful with that. See the attached file for further information what this course is all about.

We make use of a service provider to gives us the personality profile and therefore we can only send you the course with your personal profile on payment of R200 per person. This is a highly recommendable course with audio’s for your personal development. See the attached

Course: Body, Soul and Spirit

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